Heading abroad!

As most of you already know I am going to be spending this semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain and I cannot believe that today is that day that I leave! . When the semester ended back in May I thought to myself I had 4 long months before I would leave for Barcelona but it’s safe to say those four months were anything but long. They FLEW by! There was so much I had to do in order to prepare for my trip so some days were pretty stressful but I mostly tried to relax with friends and family and enjoy the summer.  Now that’s all over and I’m leaving in for the airport in a few short hours and I have to admit I’m pretty nervous. Since I am not traveling with a HPU program, I only know my two friends Michael and Mikey who are also in AIFS (my program) with me and my friend Allison who is going through another program on her own. I almost feel like a college freshman again, going to a new place where I don’t know anybody. While I am sort of nervous I’m also EXTREMELY excited to meet new people and start this four month adventure! I’m sure I’ll be home before I know it!

So in a few hours I will be leaving Boston and heading directly to London on an overnight flight. Then I’ll have the rest of Thursday and all of Friday to explore the 2012 Olympic city!

I’ll try and post as often as I can but bare with me this first week or so as I get settled and into a routine. Can’t wait to tell you all about London!

Trying to pack into ONE suitcase -_- but I have my pounds and euros!!



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