Hola amigos! These first two days here in Barcelonan have been kind of overwhelming but they have been SO much fun! I’m all moved into my dorm/apartment. It’s really nice, I have my own room with a bathroom and then I share a kitchen with another girl in my AIFS program! Having my own place to come back to at night and skype with friends and family without a roommate is definitely a huge plus. However we have no WiFi L so that totally sucks and is a major negitive. I was planning on imessage and facetime to be my form of communication with you all, but I guess good ‘ol email will just have to do.

We got here on a Saturday, so as far as night life goes the people here are INSANE! People don’t go out to clubs until 1 or 2 am and they stay until at least 5! Very different from back in the states, so this is something we all need to get use to here, especially after trying to go out when were all extremely jet lagged haha

But classes begin tomorrow, eek! So tonight there’s a few of us going to a small café down the street from our dorm. There are tons of restaurants within a 5 min walk of us, including a pizza shop right outside our front door! And besides restaurants we have so much within walking distance from our dorm like Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Arc di Triomf, Le Cathedrale, and most importantly the beach!

Don’t worry I’ll eventually be going to all of these places and posting pictures! As for now, I’ll let you know how class goes after tomorrow 🙂


Here’s a group of us out on our first night in Barca and the beach down the street from our dorm!


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