I love this place!

I seriously cannot complain about anything here (besides no WiFi but that’s a minor detail).

I’m officially a student of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona! Overall I really enjoy my classes and all of my professors! The only thing is they’re just really long which is something I’m not use to at HPU. Here I have each class for an hour and 40 minute block, almost double the length of HPU! And as if that isn’t long enough I have my Spanish class for a double block! Luckily my professor understands that it’s a very long class and it can be hard to focus for so long so half way through she gives us 20-30 minute break to do as we please. There is a small café right outside out building so I’ve been going down there and grabbing coffee and a small snack. But I have to make sure I finish it before heading back to class because here in Spain the professor takes great offense to students eating and drinking anything but water in their class. They also take offense to students simply going to the bathroom as they please. They would prefer you ask, both of which are totally different from how my classes were at High Point.

Campus is a nice 15 minute walk or metro ride; it’s very easy to get to. So far I’ve been walking since it’s still so nice here, around 80 everyday so far, but it’s nice to have the metro for rainy cold days.

I just got back from our AIFS welcome dinner. We went to this amazing little place tucked away that mostly only locals know about called “MILK” for tapas and wine. It was really fun and delicious! My friends and I want to go back one night.

Image        Image

Tuesday September 11, is the national day of Catalonia so we have Monday off as holiday as well. Lots of kids are traveling for the long weekend, but my friends and I decided to stay here and explore Barcelona some more. We’re going on a cruise Friday, and the other days we’ll just see where Barcelona takes us! I’m excited to explore the city some more and really get to know the area.


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