I thought we’d at least fit in in London, but I guess I was wrong. Not even 12 hours after arriving we were spotted and called out for being American!! In the end it was a good thing because it introduced us to an American who had just loved to London and his friends who were on a pub crawl and asked my friends Kate, Michael, and Mikey and I to join. While it was embarrassing for them to say we looked like “lost puppies” it was nice to meet and talk to locals about the area. 

The next day we went sightseeing!

AIFS got us a guided tour of the city and it was AMAZING! We saw just about everything from the Albert Memorial, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park (this is a must! It’s beautiful but the cool thing is there are animals everywhere that you can feed. Mike fed a squirrel, and another girl fed a pelican!)– Below is Buckingham Palace from a bridge in St. James Park–

ImageBig Ben, The Eye of London, Image

Tower Bridge (which had the Paralympics rings up) and we ended the tour at Covent Garden. That was this amazing shopping plaza with little shops, cafes, and street performers. I highly recommend it!!Image

One fun fact about Buckingham Palace we learned is that if there is a gold flag and four guards the queen is in. Unfortunately we were not greeted with this but by a British flag and two guards which means she is out.

London reminded me of NYC. It felt like we were back in the states not across the pond. One thing I was really surprised about though was the number of people who did not speak English! For being an English speaking country not many people could understand us, and often looked at us funny when we talked. Another huge shock was how expensive it was there! The average meal was about 20 pounds which is about $35! And that’s just for a burger, chips, and water!

Overall I had a great two days here, I can’t believe I leave for Barcelona tomorrow morning! At 4am 😦 but that’s okay we’ll all be so excited!


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