Movistar- cell phone

I finally got a phone! Who would’ve thought it would be so hard. After five attempts I was finally successful. So you’re probably wondering why it took so long haha so here it goes:

The first time they are just about to close, the second time they were closing for siesta, then after siesta they told us they were sold out (not sure why they couldn’t have told us that the first time we were there haha)  and the final failed attempt their server was down.

So I guess fifth time’s a charm! But that wasn’t so simple either, it took two hours to buy and activate three of the most basic phones!  But at least now it’s done and I have a phone to use while I’m here. Now it’s time to go enjoy my five day weekend !

It’s definitely weird going from the Iphone back to this! I think this is harder to use!! Dad can you teach me?? Hahah


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