National Day of Catalonia

Sadly my five day weekend (mini vacation) is over 😦 but it was AMAZING! I really really enjoyed the time off to relax and get to know the area. Basically my friends and I just spent the days exploring, going out, and catching up on sleep. We went on a cruise Friday evening around the harbor/beaches in our area. It was so much fun! They had sangria and wine on board for us, and after about an hour of sailing they anchored so we could swim and have dinner. It was cool to see the city sky line from this perspective. We also went to two really fun clubs this weekend. The first was Sutton, which has an old Hollywood theme to it and Aura Beach Club which is what the name sounds like right on the beach haha. We’re starting to get use to their hours of nightlife but we’re not fully there yet.

We finally made it to Las Ramblas! That’s this awesome downtown shopping area with amazing restaurants and vendors. I loved everything about it–it was hard not to buy everything from the vendors it was all so cool. You don’t really see locals there, its a tourist area and now I see why.

But you’re probably all wondering why I had a five day weekend after starting classes only three days before. Tuesday September 11 is Catalan’s national holiday (sort of like our 4th of July). So on Tuesday they were celebrating the success of the Catalan troops in the War of Spanish back in 1714. The streets were flooded with millions of people from all over Catalan dressed in the colors of the Catalan flag, singing, dancing and celebrating. This year there were also multiple political demonstrations as well where the people of Catalan voiced their unhappy opinions with the government and their desire to be independent from Spain.

Overall the day was a crazy and hectic one but it’s neat to look back and say I was able to experience this celebration with them.

Two pictures from Las Ramblas (Michael on the lion statue then a view of the water down at the Ramblas port)


A sky view of just one plaza in Barcelona to give you an idea of just how many people there really was!



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