Sagrada Familia


It’s funny that Barcelona’s most famous building is only 60% complete and will not be fully completed until around 2030. Sagrada Familia’s construction began back in 1882 with the architectural designs created by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi’s goal was to summarize the Christian religion and turn the bible into a building. The whole building is symbolism for something from the towers to the door ways. On top of Sagrada you will see a total of 18 towers (upon completion) of various heights. The twelve shorter towers Gaudi uses to represent the twelve apostles, the four taller towers represent the four Evangelists, the next represents the Virgin Mary and the last and tallest tower represents Christ himself. Gaudi truly thought of every detail when designing this church, even the layout of the church is in the shape of a cross. The amount of detail amazes me.

Sadly Gaudi died in 1926 without a quarter of the project being completed and during the Spanish Civil War his design plans were burnt in a fire. Luckily Gaudi also made models of what he wanted to church to look like upon completion which did not burn. So all construction after his death follows his architectural plans but not his art designs.

I’m lucky to live only 8 blocks away from such an amazing building and I’m looking forward to going back when my family comes to visit!

                          Image        Image

Original back entrance completed prior to Gaudi’s death and according to his art design and inside Sagrada (there’s 53 towers inside the church in representation of the 53 Sunday’s in a year)


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