Montserrat & Sitges


This weekend we did two amazing trips on Saturday. We began our day at Montserrat. A beautiful mountain top monastery here in Catalonia. It is the home of the Virgin Mary Sanctuary.  It is also a place to hike with gorgeous views.  I really enjoyed it but it’s safe to say I’m in love with Sitges!! Sitges is an AMAZING small quaint Mediterranean village which was our second stop of the day after leaving Montserrat. It is full of shops and cafes along the small streets only suitable for walking, and of course there is the beach! This is where I spent most of my time in Sitges. I loved everything about it from the white soft sand to the crystal clear warm water. We are planning another trip back next weekend (only 30 min train ride and 7 euro round trip!!) so we can explore the village and enjoy the beach some more. I’m excited to take my mom here when she visits I know she’ll love it plus that means I’ll get to go back again haha


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