Still adjusting

I’ve already been in Barca for about three weeks now but I feel like I haven’t totally adjusted to the lifestyle here. It still feels like a vacation almost, not like my home for the next three months. I think once I get a weekly routine down it’ll start to feel more like home. There are some things I miss–which definitely isn’t helping my “lost” feeling. It’s all the simple stuff I take for granted back home like being able to pick up the phone and call home to check in. It’s reassuring to be able to do that or even just send a text. Since I don’t have wifi in my dorm my communication is limited to facebook, skype, and imessage only while I am at campus using school wifi. I relied on my phone so much back home that I almost feel disconnected now, like I’m on vacation because that is usually the only time I don’t have my phone. Also we don’t have TV–which is something I never thought I’d miss in a million years–but it would be nice to sit down and watch a show every now and then. TV websites are blocked outside of the US so I can’t watch on my lap top either. Luckily on of the girls I met here lives in an apartment a few metro stops away with a TV so I can always go there if I get desperate haha

Don’t get me wrong, I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE being here it’s just the little things like wifi, tv, and phones even that I miss and wish I had to make me feel more at home.

We have Monday Sept 24th off from classes for another celebration. This one is called La Merce and it takes place almost 24/7 all over the city starting Friday night until Monday. They really like their celebrations and festivals here! It’s suppose to me one of the most amazing events to experience in Barcelona so I’m excited I’m here to witness the events! I’ll keep you updated and post pictures soon 🙂


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