In Italia

After a LONG day of traveling I’ve safely arrived in the beautiful city of Sorrento Italy to begin my Almafi Coast trip with Bus2Alps (which was awarded #1 European tour!!). I’m already in love and I’ve only seen this place at night!

We arrived in Roma thinking we had an eight hour layover until Kate and I got the bus to Almafi, so we took the bus into Rome center with our fried Tory whose bus was leaving from there in only five hours (she accidentally booked a different pickup place from us). Not realizing until I after arrived-Rome center that this was where I stayed when I came to Rome back in 2010. It was really cool being able to recognize the area and return to my favorite cafe from my previous trip!

After lunch/dinner Kate and I went to drop Tory off at her bus2alps meeting point and we got super super lucky because the leaders told Kate and I we could just hope on this bus because in the end were all going the same place with the same company. It saved us the huge hassle of having to take the bus back to the airport and wait another three hours to get picked up. So we arrived here in Sorrento at the time our original bus was supposed to be leaving Roma.

Now I’m just relaxing at our hostel and trying to get some sleep before an early start (7:20 am) tomorrow morning, but I couldn’t be more excited!!





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