A little piece of Heaven

This was definitely a weekend I will never forget and I have the amazing Bus2Alps travel company to thank for that. Their award winning tour exceeded my expectations!  We began our weekend at the Island of Capri, with a private boat tour taking us around the island and to the Blue Grotto (one of Europe’s top natural wonders) as well as visiting Capri town and Anacapri. While the boat tour was included in the price of our trip the Blue Grotto was an extra cost—must it was worth every penny! I have NEVER seen water that blue in my entire life. For those of you who don’t know the Blue Grotto is a small cave basically in the walls of Capri, that you have to enter by tiny row boat (not to mention you have to lay down in the row boat because the entrance is so tiny!) and it is famous for the gorgeous water inside. In a cave that is pitch black the water light up and glowed a striking aqua.  The bright waters appear to be only 4-5 feet deep but in reality they are over 60 feet deep and it’s the white sand at the bottom that causes this allusion as well as glow of the water. It truly is magnificent! After everyone had a chance to go in we finished our tour and headed back to the dock where we hiked up the mountainous city to Capri town and Anacapri. It amazes me how these little villages are built right into the side of the mountain! This is where I got a drink called “special drink” that I will never forget. It is frozen lemonade with fresh squeezed right as you order orange juice mixed in! It was the perfect refreshment after the long trek up the stairs and pathways to reach the towns.  I loved everything about this island- when it was time to leave I was sad to see it fade away into the horizon.

The next day was just as exciting and jammed pack. We went to Positano, another amazing city built right into the cliffs. It was a 30 min and about 1000 stair trek town to the beach from the bus but it was sure worth it! We were greeted by an adorable village filled with shops, cafes, and most importantly a beautiful black sand beach! From there I went on an excursion to go cliff jumping, which has definitely been one of, if not the, most exciting thing I’ve done since arriving here in Barcelona. Before reaching the platform of the cliff 20 feet doesn’t seem/look to high but as soon as you get up and are about to jump the butterflies kick in. I loved it so much I ran back up and jumped again. After the cliff our boat took us to a cave we were able to swim through- this too was amazing. Besides inside the Blue Grotto I had never seen water this clear and blue.

The last day of our trip was spent in Pompeii, which is an ancient ruined city that was well preserved in lava that destroyed the village after an unexpected eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Many of the walls, roadways, pottery pieces, and even some humans themselves can be seen in the exact location they were when the lava struck. After exploring the village I got probably the best pizza I have ever had in a café nearby called, Pompeii Pizza. I’ve never had anything like it, I wish that place could replace the pizza shop I have across from my dorm!!

Overall this weekend was breathtaking and I was able to see and experience so many once in a life time opportunities! I loved Italy when I went back in 2010 and this trip made me fall in love even more!

ABOVE: Positano Italia

BELOW: Kate and I cliff jumping also in Positano


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