insightful class

“Can you keep dancing even when you don’t like the music”

My management services professor said this today and it really got my thinking, and the more I thought the more I liked it. Even when times get tough you have to hold it together and get through it. Almost like coming abroad. I think each and everyone of us here in Barcelona experienced some culture shock upon arrival. Things were either different from what we do back in the states or from our expectations. I know that this was definitely the case for me. For Barcelona and I it was definitely not love at first sight, but I didn’t give up on the city. Now I LOVE this place and couldn’t be any happier! I guess you could say I kept dancing even though I didn’t like Barcelona’s music until my opinion changed.

For some reason this quote/question really stuck with me (I didn’t really pay attention after he said it, oops haha) and I just wanted to share it with all of you.


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