un fin de semana con mi familia!!

My parents, aunt, uncle and cousin arrived last Thursday!! They couldn’t have come at a better time–I ran out of my Skippy peanut butter (which is either no where to be found here in Spain or RIDICULOUSLY $$$) last week, my good shampoo a few days ago! Now I’m all restocked thanks to Mama 🙂 But it was perfect timing, I was beginning to get a tiny bit homesick so they’re exactly what I needed right now!

We just got back from another AMAZING weekend in Southern France.

Above we are standing on the terrace of our hotel in Collioure, France–a small town that sits right on the Mediterranean. Everything about this place was quaint and relaxing (again exactly what I needed after last weekend at Oktoberfest and this upcoming week of midterms) We sat at a little cafe right on the beach upon arriving before heading to a small restaurant right in town. I haven’t had a meal that delicious in a long time! We did it as the french do and took our time turning dinner into 2.5 hours. We had delicious appetizers paired with authentic Collioure wine along with more delicious entrees.

Before Collioure we were in Montpellier, another small town about 2 hours north of Collioure (Collioure was about halfway between Barcelona and Montpellier) I also loved it there- but who wouldn’t. When we were exploring the streets (which are more like walkways) we discovered one of the secrets of Montpellier. Around the city there are bicycles mounted on the buildings like in the picture below–

The other half of the bike was on the next block. These are the only two I saw but one women said they were all over the city. It was really neat.

Overall it was an amazing weekend! and everyone’s still here until Thursday 🙂


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