Unfortunately I had midterms the week my family was visiting (yes I do actually go to school here even though it may not seem like it sometimes). It was a stressful week but it was nice having them here to take my mind off of everything for a little. It was a hectic week- I’d go from a full day of class right to their hotel (Hotel Advance near Plaza Catalunya- highly recommend it for anyone coming to stay here in Barcelona) for a glass of wine and to relax then we’d head out for dinner around 830-9 each night then after I’d go home to study. It would have been nice to hang out with everyone a little longer or even take my cousin,Todd, out but oh well at least I’m lucky enough to of had them all come visit!

Midterm’s were pretty tough–they are a large portion of our grade (average is about 25% of the course final grade) but now they’re over and it’s time to relax again! I was also lucky enough to sneak in a trip back to Sitges with my family before they left and in between studying. I loved it there when I visited back in September with my AIFS program and knew they would all love it just as much. The shopping here is amazing! It was a great place for them all to buy their presents for everyone back home.

Overall their visit was awesome! I loved every minute of it- glad you all had safe flights back, miss you already!


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