One of the most common Spanish traditions here in Barcelona is Tapas or “small plates” for dinner. Here you find that the Spanish eat large lunches (why they have siesta) consisting of three courses or so and then dinner is mostly tapas. It is something very different than in the US- but three nights in a row my family and I went to tapas restaurants for dinner and LOVED it. At first I didn’t think I would get full, I felt like tapas were just mini tastings but boy was I wrong! It the total opposite from America where you order a dish and receive this MASSIVE portion of food that you end up finishing even faster than it took you to order, even though you were full about halfway through. Here you take your time and truly relax and enjoy the food you order. We ordered many different types of plates from fish to mini hamburgers and by the end you are most definitely full!!

Each of the three tapas restaurants we went to had completely different atmospheres but I would go back to each in a heartbeat.

Cal Pep- was a small intimate restaurant with only about eight tables and served a set menu. The only thing you had to order and choose for yourself was the wine you wanted to drink.

Cerveseria Catalana- Was my favorite of the three (I want to bring my friends back!) this one is definitely popular among tourists and locals-there is a consist line to get in and crowd at the bar but the big seating area moves the waiting along. You get your food extremely fast after ordering but again it was delicious. Even though food came fast we never felt rushed. (picture above was taken here)

Imprevist- This was the last of the three we ate at and it was by far the most different. The décor was modern impressionist art and like the other two we really enjoyed the food. We were even given complementary Cava (Spanish champagne)!


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