Torres Winery


Saturday I went to the Torres Winery here in Barcelona. The Torres company was founded back in 1870 by Jaime and Miguel Torres and has grown over the past 140 years into a major wine and brandy leader whose products can be found in over 140 countries (including America). While Torres originated here in Catalan they have expanded their Vineyards to Chile and California-each specializing in a specific type of grape. We learned about the importance of climate and soil in grape growing, a major reason why they expanded to different areas of the world.

On our tour we got to see where everything happens. From where the grapes are harvested to where the wine ages in the dark aging cellars built below the estate. Some wines are down there for up to 18 months–I never knew wine went through such a process like this. I learned lots of new things including how to properly taste wine (pictured below).  Look, smell, aerate, smell, taste.

At the end of the tour we got to try their Vina Sol made right there in Catalunya. Vina Sol is known as their freshest white wine and has a distinct fresh fruit aroma reminiscent of green apples and pineapples. After aerating the wine the aroma’s really came out. It was delicious–probably my favorite since arriving here in Spain.

We added some excitement to the day as well. We were on a tram for the tour which had sliding windows. They said if we got hot we could slide them open a little bit. They weren’t kidding when they said a little bit because when I went to slide my window open it slide right off the tracks and I was holding on with all my strength to keep it from falling! My friend Mike had to reach over and help me pull and slide the window back on track. Keep in mind this is all occurring while the tram is moving. So lets just say we left the window alone after that.

Then if that wasn’t enough excitement lets add someone passing out to the day. We had just left the aging cellars when my friend sitting in between Mike and I faintly said to Mike “I’m going to pass out” Moments later you heard a phone drop to the floor and her head fell back. It was terrifying. Mike and I tried to wake her up but she was pale as a ghost. We pushed the emergency stop button on the tram but it didn’t work typical probably just there for show…So I slide open my window (scared it was gunna fall) and yelled up to our AIFS director to stop the tram. In the end everything was okay and she’s okay but while it was happening it was a pretty scary thing to witness. It definitely added some extra drama to our day at Torres.






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