Before coming here I never would of thought that McDonald’s “McCafe” would become my favorite coffee spot! Iced coffee is a foreign concept to people over here, you order “un cafe frio” or “un cafe con hielo” and they look at you like you have three heads (even at Starbucks who I expected to be the same as it is in America). One time I got an espresso shot with a giant ice cube...It’s just not something they don’t do here.

At Cafe Marti next to school I spotted an Iced Latte on the menu and couldn’t have been any more excited. I figured if it was on the menu they knew what it was…boy was I wrong. I spent four euro on cold whipped milk with sugar in it and no coffee or espresso what-so-ever…as she handed it to me I thought what the hell is this? I spent four euros on extra cold milk?! I knew it was a cultural difference so I didn’t say anything and I most definitely haven’t ordered it since!

Then finally last week when we were in McDonald’s I spotted the McCafe menu that clearly said in English “Iced Coffee” I was so excited, they even have soy milk (my favorite)!! Now I find myself going back everyday to get my ice coffee fix in between classes. McCafe saved me!


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