Contrary to popular believe, to celebrate Halloween is not a tradition here in Spain or Europe for that matter. In the past few years there are many clubs that will organize Halloween themed parties but this is not a holiday celebrated in the streets, kids do no go trick or treating. We did attend a Halloween themed party last night and will again tonight but again it’s mostly Americans who attend these events. My friend Gwen who lives in Dubai had never dressed up for Halloween before last night when she came out with us. If locals do dress up their costumes are VERY different from how we dress in the US. They are very into the scary aspect of Halloween here- fake blood, intense makeup, wigs etc. Almost 100% opposite from the states.

All Saint’s Day (Today- November, 1st ) is however a holiday here in Spain and throughout Europe.  It’s a national holiday in many Catholic countries, so in honor of the holiday here in Spain we did not have school and many businesses were closed or operated on a Sunday schedule. It’s a day to commemorate all those who have passed away– and the Spanish custom is to go to the cemeteries and bring flowers to your lost love ones.


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