Port Aventura

The other day a group of us, (Kate, Tory, Mike S, Lilla, Kirsten, and I) went to Port Aventura- an amusement park just south of Barcelona in Tarragona.  I must say we all completely felt like little kids again, and had a blast! Teacher’s told us that compared to amusement park’s in America this place is nothing special and that we wouldn’t be impressed…but boy were they wrong! This was by far on of the best amusement parks any of of us have ever been to. It reminded me of Universal Studios in Orlando. Port Aventura is made up of five different “worlds” China, Far West (which is like America- had Grand Canyon themes), Mexico, Polynesian, and Mediterranean.

The only thing I HATED about this place was that absolutely EVERYONE smokes. We were in tight lines that weaved up and down (you know how they are at amusement parks) and the only thing we could breath was air full of smoke. Someone on every side of us was constantly lighting a cigarette, we even saw a girl who looked about 16 smoking in line with her parents!!! Are you kidding me?? After waiting in line for an hour and a half it gets old and disgusting pretty fast. That was our only complaint of the day (but then again that is Europe for you–people here smoke whenever and where ever all the time). Besides that it was such an awesome day! The trains make it so simple and we were back in time to go out that night!


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