Mountain retreat

I have to admit up until last weekend I never thought I would enjoy a vacation up in the mountains–but did the Pyrenees prove me wrong. Everything about this weekend was amazing from the small quaint village we stayed in, Vall De la Boi, where we were just about the only ones in town because all locals were on vacation before ski season starts in 2 weeks to the gorgeous lakes and views the mountains had to offer during our hike. We even had to call the owner of the supermarket (more like convenience store to us) to ask her to open up for us so we could buy sandwiches to eat during our hike!! That’s how empty this place was. The joke of the weekend was that we were in The Hills Have Eyes or House of Wax movies. But, overall it was such a relaxing weekend which I think was perfect for everyone and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Unlike other programs AIFS only has 27 students in the program this semester compared to 227 like API or some of the other ones. Which a group so small we’ve really started to become close and dependent on each other. I’ve loved getting to know everyone in my program, and because we’ve done so I think this trip was so much more fun. Were not clicky were just like one big happy family 🙂

My favorite part of the weekend I’d have to say was either spending more time with the group just relaxing and having a blast in such a gorgeous place! …Or being able to watch TV and sleep in a comfy bed at the hotel haha

The whole crew!! –minus Michael, Mike, Kyle, and Dylan who didn’t come 😦


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