home sweet home

So I’ve officially been home for a week as of today and I have to admit it’s been SO nice! Catching up with high school and HPU friends, spending time with the family, having all of my favorite foods I’ve missed so much, sleeping in my own bed and much much more.

I do miss Barca but I have to remember that last week wasn’t goodbye it was just see you later– I will forever think of BCN as a second home and I will make it back to visit one day! Hopefully as a reunion with my AIFS family whom I miss so much 🙂 Being back without them just wouldn’t be the same!

To all of you future HPU study abroad students I hope I’ve convinced you that Barcelona truly is the BEST city in the world to study and I wish you the best of luck! If you have any questions about Barcelona or study abroad in general don’t hesitate to ask! You can email me at Joycek10@highpint.edu


My girls and I on our last night out at our favorite spot Ovella Negra




One thought on “home sweet home

  1. So nice to hear you are home with your beautiful family,have a wonderful Christmas and wait for the day when we can sit down and you can tell me all about your wonderful trip,love to all, enjoy Christmas,Love Aunt Jackie P.s. Myrtle Beach isn’t far from your school,you are more than welcome.Hugs

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